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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Marmalade Dreams

Another day, another post full of rapid sketches. There's absolutely no reference to marmalade anywhere in this post, I just didn't want to have some boring title for today. Stick some cheese in your pits and get ready to grind beavers!

Started out drawing on the bart again, got a decent sketch of the car I was sitting in. There were these two black guys dressed nicely in suits at Balboa park handing out some kind of pamphlets. I guess they feel the suits make people more likely to want the pamphlets? I'll have to take one tomorrow and find out what they're pushing, they look cool regardless and I want to draw them more.

Some sketches of the people milling around. I am getting better at finding the gesture of the pose, but I need to work on proportion. I am going to try and get the right proportions of the peoples tomorrow rather than go for a detailed outline of their shapes.

I think I did a good job on the dude in the big coat. He looked like a mean motherfucker and I'm glad he didn't notice me drawing him. I want to learn karate or something. Maybe Krav Maga.

This lady wasn't a looker, I almost thought she was a guy at first, but at least she stayed still. I messed up her hand and foot though.

Drew two guys standing around at the shuttle stop after work. Inder and Ender make an appearance too.

I was exhausted from helping Anne move in last night. They didn't even start moving in until 1:00am (so retarded) and we ended up staying up really late getting their stuff inside their new place (which is awesome). We slept for like 3 hours and then got up again. I didn't bother going back to bed until I got home from work so I collapsed once I made it to my bed. My mind was still working though and I was struck with a great t-shirt idea while sketching at the park. Here's the preliminary design, I'll flesh it out more later.

That's all for now. Aww, stop whining. There will be more crap like this tomorrow! My flash comic is almost frickin' done... I'm coloring it and adding animations. Will post when it's ready. See ya later. Stay solid.


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