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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Trickle Master Gangrene

Met Dave Johnson today. He does the covers to the comic 100 bullets. He was a really nice guy and talked with me for a bit about illustrating and drawing for comics. I was blown away by his artwork and am going to start dissecting his style for drawing tips. His work is so diverse and yet stylistically cohesive it's amazing. I asked him what I should do to get good at being a drawer and he said pencil mileage. I kind of figured that that was the answer, but was hoping for some shortcuts. As it turns out there aren't any!!!! You just gotta put your nose to the grindstone and draw till your fingers bleed. I love it.

Dave "The Rev" Johnson vs. enversi "The Kid" "Round One"

And tha winnah by TKO! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave Johnson! I dawn't think enversi will evah be able to draw again!

Ok maybe he will. This is a sketch for a new project I am cooking up. More to come soon.

Chow! As in eat!


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