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Friday, August 11, 2006

The funnest part is making up words like funnest

So I missed a day, what are you going to guilt trip me about it? It's not like any of you are actually reading this. Judging from the comments I have 2 readers who only read me once a month or something. I guess it doesn't matter, self expression fuels the blah blah... who cares! Lets look at some drawings!

I made a new t-shirt design today! I did the whole thing in illustrator so it took way longer than it had to because I fight with that program every time I use it. Maybe someday I will learn how to synergize with the wild ways of vector drawing, but for now its like making love to a radioactive ferret who doesn't know what a two-way relationship is. I think the design came out pretty solid. Check it out:

I came up with this because I wanted a shirt with a smiling mushroom cloud on it.

My other two designs are up on threadless already and you can vote on them. Undercover Little Brother and Frank Zappa - Hero of the Future. Go vote and show that you love me.
Plus I could really use that prize money for a new LCD screen.

I have a lot of stuff to do this weekend. I want to get 2 more flash comics done by Monday. I also have come up with about 5 new design ideas for t-shirts and want to start working on a couple of them. Then there's my secret project that I need to do character designs for. And then I gotta find time to have a life. Man, I love being busy.

Here's some sketches to finish this post up. Enjoy.

Fungus dog hardship tank. Bye!


Anonymous Darvish said...

Too bad it doesn't get hot where I live :)

6:00 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

The shirt is about nuclear war more than it being hot. They can shoot a bomb anywhere!

2:47 PM


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