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Monday, July 31, 2006

Sketches and T-Shirt Woes

Sorry for the late post, blogger was giving me headaches with image posting. Even if no one reads I don't like being late to my own party. Put your pants on cuz it's time to boogie!

Woke up early and got to the Bart sketchbook in hand to document the bleary eyed masses. Started sketching on the way to Balboa Park, I got a good one of the woman in the hood... I think it is some kind of religious garb but am too stupid to know which or what its called. Help me out in the comments if you know.

Got to Balboa park and made some draawings of the people milling around. Why can't anyone stand still for more than 5 seconds? It confounds me. I would tell them to stop moving but am afraid they might think I'm weird and hurt me.

Here's some from after work. I stopped by the park on my way home and drew some folks. The hispanic kids playing soccer are fun to draw but are incessantly in motion. It's excellent training for my growing sketching skills and I'm gonna come back tomorrow and draw them again.

I feel like I need to focus on getting the gesture of the poses faster. Once I can get the basic idea of the pose down I can go back and add some detail later. I will put this theory into effect tomorrow.

Now for some healthy venting to get this off my mind....

At work I checked my email and found out that one of my T-Shirt designs had been rejected. Not because it was a bad illustration, but because they felt the text did not match the quality of the drawing. That was the fucking point!

I don't like the idea of some pretentious asshole rejecting my designs based on their own personal taste. I thought threadless was about distilling the essence of the internet hive mind and boiling it down into a few excellent t-shirts.

The shirt was intended as a parody of the "Free Winona" shirt that was popular when Winona was arrested for shoplifting. Here's my design and the original shirt I parodied.

Threadless was mean to my design and I was sad. :(

I am finishing my Flash comic as I write this and will post it when it's done.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Today's Rapid Sketch Dump

I got up and left the house to roam and do some rapid sketches of people in my city. I started out kinda stiff but loosened up a bit as I went. My new internet buddy Marlo gave me some tips to get better and I have tried to incorporate some of those ideas into my sketches. The best way to put it is that I am attempting to give my drawings a "brazilian". Strap your ass in and here we go!

Starting out... stiff and blocky. Yuck!

Some cars and stuff... I like the girl's legs on the right.

Got hungry midway on my trek and went to Kelly's for a burger.

Even I am not spared from my sketching wrath! What a doofus hahaha!

A nasty lil' pidgeon (Actually I like them cuz they just sit there and let you draw them UNLIKE HUMANS who move too damn much!).

All in all I think I did good today. When I got home my brain was tired from thinking so much and I made the following doodle to express my dire condition and get some much deserved pity. (If you can find out what's wrong with this next drawing post a comment and show me how smart you are!)

That's all for today! Come back tomorrow to check out my Flash comic and some more crappy rapid sketches! I love you all!

Except you.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

My Bloggidy Blig Blog! Blam!

It's time to get famous! Watch me as I get better at drawing stuff! I'm gonna post sketches and drawings as often as I have time to do so. I hope somebody out there will enjoy looking at them!

Today I went to the Cartoon Art Museum here in S.F. to see John K. talk. The museum is crap to be honest, it's small and they usually show mediocre cartoon stuff. However it is the only cartoon museum I know of so I have to give them credit for making an honorable effort. John drew me an awesome sketch of Sody Pop and signed my Ripping Friends DVD. He seems like a nice guy, patiently drawing doodles over and over for the dual line of fans. I was sad that his pals Marlo and Katie couldn't come, because I wanted to meet them too (They are my age but so much better at the cartooning stuff it makes me jealous.) .

Afterwards I went to the park and was doing so rapid sketches of people standing around. Man is it hard to draw like that. I hate the way my sketches come out, but I am going to keep doing it until I get better at it. John made that awesome drawing of Sody in under 5 seconds. I want to be that fast. I did a doodle of the Sody Pop drawing myself to see how hard it was to do. Here's my attempt:

Here's some of the sketches from the park. They are so stiff and square. I gotta figure out how to get my brain to work out theose cool curves faster! I feel like I am training for an olympic sport or something.

Bleah! Must get better! Draw more!

Yesterday I saw John K's cartoon show at the Castro. The cartoons were revolting and delectable at the same time. It takes genius (or insanity) to pull that balance off. I got another sketch that night of Jimmy.

That's all I have for tonight, I gotta work on my flash comic. I have to finish it by Monday. I'll post it once it's done. I will leave you with some drawings I did on Thursday with my buddy Brent. He made me a mix of music to inspire some drawings and I did some doodles for him. Here they are. You can click this link to find the music I was listening to at the time, Brent is a badass DJ.