Follow the evolution of a young drawer as he becomes a better piece of furniture.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Good intentions and all that crap

Despite being so jazzed about having a ton of stuff to do this weekend, I ended up doing very little. I don't know why really. I felt really stressed and needed to relax a bit . Ended up playing videogames and watching TV shows, with a little sketching thrown in there for the hell of it. Here's some of the better ones.

I am beginning to feel more confident in my rapid sketching sessions. These two drawings show very good gesture and were done very quickly.

This one is part of The Dish #2

Some random folks.

More sketches for The Dish.

Working out some ideas for t-shirts and. The girls are bonus. I really like the face in the middle.

When foreshortening goes wrong. I like the top right pose.

Hankerchief folly. I'll see ya later. Gotta find Stella and get my groove back.

Friday, August 11, 2006

The funnest part is making up words like funnest

So I missed a day, what are you going to guilt trip me about it? It's not like any of you are actually reading this. Judging from the comments I have 2 readers who only read me once a month or something. I guess it doesn't matter, self expression fuels the blah blah... who cares! Lets look at some drawings!

I made a new t-shirt design today! I did the whole thing in illustrator so it took way longer than it had to because I fight with that program every time I use it. Maybe someday I will learn how to synergize with the wild ways of vector drawing, but for now its like making love to a radioactive ferret who doesn't know what a two-way relationship is. I think the design came out pretty solid. Check it out:

I came up with this because I wanted a shirt with a smiling mushroom cloud on it.

My other two designs are up on threadless already and you can vote on them. Undercover Little Brother and Frank Zappa - Hero of the Future. Go vote and show that you love me.
Plus I could really use that prize money for a new LCD screen.

I have a lot of stuff to do this weekend. I want to get 2 more flash comics done by Monday. I also have come up with about 5 new design ideas for t-shirts and want to start working on a couple of them. Then there's my secret project that I need to do character designs for. And then I gotta find time to have a life. Man, I love being busy.

Here's some sketches to finish this post up. Enjoy.

Fungus dog hardship tank. Bye!

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Salty Sweet Taste Of Existence

Let me start out with the good news. My cartoon was accepted! Not just accepted, welcomed with open arms! It's an incredible feeling when your creative output is validated and praised. I am still basking in the afterglow. Now I've got to churn out a few more of the things and everything will be good to go. Awesome!

Second, I just talked to my good buddy Victor and we are going to be moving ahead with a little project that has been in my mind since I was a teenager. It is a fairly ambitious creative venture for both of us, Vic will be working on the words and I'll be doing the pictures. I don't want to give anything away for fear of counting my chicken potentates too early, but I'm practically raring at the bit to get this thing rolling. I'll post more details when it feels right.

Next we have the conclusive proof that God does exist and that he is pissed at what I did to all those ants when I was 5. I got fucking jury duty! I have to go to the courthouse tomorrow and squirm until they tell me that I am either screwed for a few weeks or safe for another year. Goddamn justice system, I thought you liked white people!

Cue the sketches, Slim! (I'm reading Daniel P. Mannix)

Bart tain in the morning. A Sleepy Guy.

Waiting for the commuter shuttle. Morning travelers restless.

Doodles on the shuttle. Boobies for all.

The End. Toast yer gum sacks!

John K. Caricature

Here's a doodle of John K. I made after seeing Ryan G.'s sweet drawing.

Goodnite! Tomorrow I send my finished flash cartoon to the big boyz who make the big time deciding thingies! Let us pray to jesus it gets approved!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Jambalaya Paper Bombs

My favorite band is playing S.F. on my freakin' Birthday! I found that out today and am still excited over it. Already got my tickets and am counting the days 'til the show. Who's my favorite band? The awesome electronic/hip-hop/rock group RATATAT! Shabiddy bang bam!

Here's today's sketch dump:

I drew this next one at Rosamunde's sausage joint on haight and two girls saw me doodling through the glass. I look up and they run away giggling. I wonder why?

That's all for now, fire ends! See ya next time. Mind the dead squirrel!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Trickle Master Gangrene

Met Dave Johnson today. He does the covers to the comic 100 bullets. He was a really nice guy and talked with me for a bit about illustrating and drawing for comics. I was blown away by his artwork and am going to start dissecting his style for drawing tips. His work is so diverse and yet stylistically cohesive it's amazing. I asked him what I should do to get good at being a drawer and he said pencil mileage. I kind of figured that that was the answer, but was hoping for some shortcuts. As it turns out there aren't any!!!! You just gotta put your nose to the grindstone and draw till your fingers bleed. I love it.

Dave "The Rev" Johnson vs. enversi "The Kid" "Round One"

And tha winnah by TKO! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave Johnson! I dawn't think enversi will evah be able to draw again!

Ok maybe he will. This is a sketch for a new project I am cooking up. More to come soon.

Chow! As in eat!

Frank Zappa - Hero of the Future!

My new WIP t-shirt. I had to do a lot of editing of the line drawing in photoshop so it's not as solid a drawing as I had wanted. But I am done with it and am going to move on to coloring. I think I executed the concept pretty well. I wish I could have stretched the cheesy sci-fi look a bit more. All in all I give it a B+.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Undercover Little Brother

Just finished my new t-shirt design. Here's the pictures:

Tired now. Sleep. Remember this, darkness is the salmon of the future!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Dish!

I finally got my flash comic done! I can't figure out how to post a .swf file on blogger, so these still images will have to do for now. You're going to have to wait until the comic gets published before you get to see the jokes. For now just enjoy the funny pictures.

I'm gonna work on some t-shirt illustrations for the next few days. I'll post them as I finish them. Cya later chums and chumps! Pork and beef are like turkey and chicken!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Marmalade Dreams

Another day, another post full of rapid sketches. There's absolutely no reference to marmalade anywhere in this post, I just didn't want to have some boring title for today. Stick some cheese in your pits and get ready to grind beavers!

Started out drawing on the bart again, got a decent sketch of the car I was sitting in. There were these two black guys dressed nicely in suits at Balboa park handing out some kind of pamphlets. I guess they feel the suits make people more likely to want the pamphlets? I'll have to take one tomorrow and find out what they're pushing, they look cool regardless and I want to draw them more.

Some sketches of the people milling around. I am getting better at finding the gesture of the pose, but I need to work on proportion. I am going to try and get the right proportions of the peoples tomorrow rather than go for a detailed outline of their shapes.

I think I did a good job on the dude in the big coat. He looked like a mean motherfucker and I'm glad he didn't notice me drawing him. I want to learn karate or something. Maybe Krav Maga.

This lady wasn't a looker, I almost thought she was a guy at first, but at least she stayed still. I messed up her hand and foot though.

Drew two guys standing around at the shuttle stop after work. Inder and Ender make an appearance too.

I was exhausted from helping Anne move in last night. They didn't even start moving in until 1:00am (so retarded) and we ended up staying up really late getting their stuff inside their new place (which is awesome). We slept for like 3 hours and then got up again. I didn't bother going back to bed until I got home from work so I collapsed once I made it to my bed. My mind was still working though and I was struck with a great t-shirt idea while sketching at the park. Here's the preliminary design, I'll flesh it out more later.

That's all for now. Aww, stop whining. There will be more crap like this tomorrow! My flash comic is almost frickin' done... I'm coloring it and adding animations. Will post when it's ready. See ya later. Stay solid.